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QUICK-COOL Thermo generator

for physics lessons

Experiment-Kit: QC-SORT-0944-A

Operating Manual
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The QUICK-COOL thermo generator generates electrical current by heat and cold if heat passes directly through the thermoelectric module.

This physical effect is known as SEEBECK EFFECT.

By this kind of power generation, no parts are moving and no wear is caused.

The thermoelectric effect could be observed very easy with this demonstration object. Is hot water filled in one pot  and cold water in the other pot (for higher performance better fill with ice), the heat is flowing through the aluminium profile into the thermoelectric generator module, and further into the other aluminium profile and then into the cold water pool.
This heat flux generates electrical power directly.

The propeller starts moving at a temperature gradient of 10 degrees.

Higher temperature difference causes more heat flux and more heat flux causes more current, and the rotation of the Propeller increases. By the pots with hot and cold water, the heat flux reverses and the current reverses too. That makes the propeller counter rotating.
The runtime for one charge of water is approx. 30 minutes.

Parts in this kit:


1 Peltier module
2 pots of acrylic glass
1 clamp
1 magnet
1 motor with propeller
2 conductor barrel
2 aluminium profiles
And a manual