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QUICK-COOL Peltier-Explorer-Kit

Experimentes with peltier elements (Peltiereffect bzw. Seebeckeffect)

Experiment Kit: QC-SORT-0644-A

Operating Manual
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Bausatz QC-SORT-0644-A
Bausatz QC-SORT-0644-A
Bausatz QC-SORT-0644-A

The Experiment Kit QC-SORT-0644-A is a ready to use demonstrator to the peltier effect.

It can be used for demonstrating the peltier effect and showing the power of a peltier module. The massive construction allows own test setups.

Furthermore experiments to the Seebeck effect (thermogenerator) and to heatpipes can be arranged.

The kit contains the following items:

1. 1x This manual
2. 1 x heatsink QC-KK-AL-04 with premounted peltier module QC-127-1.4-6.0MS
3. 1 x power supply
4. 1 x connecting cable for thermogenerator
5. 1 x heat exchange interface QG.IF.A8-1x1
6. 1 x heatpipe QG-SHP-D8-150SA
7. 2 x clamping strap
8. 2 x distance roll SR11-M8 x 15
9. 2 x knurled head screw
10.4 x distance bolt S-DA8 M5 x 55